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A question about RSPF

I have a question regarding RSPF.
It was my understanding that the purpose of RSPF was to allow machines to
determine the correct route between any two machines on a given network,
thus eliminating the need for static routes.
Well, I have the following situation and can't seem to figure out any way
other than static routing that works.  Can anyone shed any light on this??

I have 3 stations.

A can hear B                                                  B can hear A
A can hear C                                                  B can hear C
----------------                                            ---------------
|              |                                            |             |
|      A       | __________________________________________ |      B      |
|              |                                            |             |
---------------- \                                          ---------------
                   \                                           /
                     \                                       /
                       \                                   /
                         \         C can hear A          /
                           \     C can not hear B      /
                             \  -------------------  /
                               \|                 |/
                                |        C        |
                                |                 |

Using RSPF, shouldn't C and B determine that a direct link does not exist,
but a path thru A is possible??  What I see is B trying to connect directly
to C because he can hear him, but never succeeding because the path is not
bidirectional.  Is there some feature of RSPF that will make this work??
If not, and I am still stuck with static routes, then what precisely is the
purpose of RSPF??

Oh yeah.  I am running GRI 18b.

bill   KB3YV


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