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new wn3b1src.zip on ucsd.edu

I discovered, that the zip-file for WNOS source had CRC-errors.
I used zip/unzip on our SunOS here and as I pkunzip'd the file
the errors camed out. pse sorry...

The wn3b1src.zip on ucsd.edu:/hamradio/packet/ka9q/incoming
is built by pkzip on 'native' dos. The same file can be retreived
nic.switch.ch in software/hamradio/wnos/

Below I added a short description on how to use our info server.
As we mirror daily the hamradio directory from ucsd.edu it would
be better for sites in europe to look at nic.switch.ch (at least) first.

vy 73 et sry de Marcel, HB9RWM

Internet: wiget@switch.ch       | SWITCH
Phone   : +41 1 261 81 78       | Swiss Academic and Research Network
AMPRNET : hb9rwm@hb9zz.ampr.org | Marcel Wiget
AX.25   : HB9RWM @ HB9EAS       | ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zuerich

-------------- cut ----------

SWITCHinfo Server

via anonymous ftp: nic.switch.ch [], user 'anonymous'

Mail Server: send mail to
RFC-822: archive-server@nic.switch.ch
X.400  : S=archive-server,OU=nic,O=SWITCH,PRMD=SWITCH,ADMD=arCom,C=CH

send the command 'help' in the body part of the message to get a short
description on how to use it.

and for OSI freaks:
via anon ftam RFC-1006: nic.switch.ch
              CLNS    : NSAP=39756f111122222233330800200dd0af00
              Int-X25 : 22847971014540
              IXI     : 20432840100540

Directory structure for HAM related stuff:

software/hamradio/ucsd.edu : daily mirrored from ucsd.edu:/hamradio
software/hamradio/unix     : NOS ported to SunOS
software/hamradio/wnos     : special NOS version from DB3FL

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Ralf D. Kloth, Ludwigsburg, DE (QRQ.software). < hostmaster at a00.de > [don't send spam]
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