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More notes on Nos 2.0a

Hello All,
Just to let you know some more notes:
1) As johan predicted the fstab trick does not work correctly.
It goes to its own segment but does not correctly patched in resulting
in "garbage referencing" for crc values. Please fix youself (temporary)
my moving the crctable.obj: in makefile .
2) When shelled out to dos, incomming connections to ttyling and O in the
mbox get a "not attended" message and the connection gets closed.
This solves a hung pc problem.
I still need to make a check in mbox o that ttylink is running.
In 2.0c i added parts of the conference bridge (chatterbox) from wnos and
also smtp lzw compression.
When everything stabilizes i upload again, stay tuned.
Regards, Gerard.
Internet: gvdg@cdc.com                  |     Gerard J van der Grinten
UUCP:     gvdgpc!gvdg                   |     Control Data Bv.
Telephone: 0(+31)-70-3119703            |     Van Markenlaan 5
                                        |     2805 VL RIJSWIJK    Netherlands

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