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Need IPIP buddies

I'm putting up an IPIP daemon at AB6YM.ampr.org in El Cerrito
California, which is in the "East Bay" part of the San Francisco Bay
area about 7 miles North of Berkeley. I'd like to hear from other people
who are running IPIP and would be willing to run an Internet IPIP tunnel
to my station. I'll be connecting through pixar.com, which has a firewall,
so I have to connect to your station, you can't get through to me.

I'll be running Ron and John Paul's port of Bdale's modification of Mike's
Linux IPIP daemon on a Debian Linux system.



<a href="http://www.rahul.net/perens>Bruce Perens AB6YM</a>
Voice phone: 510-215-3502  Internet: Bruce@Pixar.com
Amateur Radio TCP/IP: Bruce@ab6ym.ampr.org
Amateur Radio BBS network: ab6ym@n0ary.#nocal.ca.usa.noam

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