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Re: smashing down callsigns into 32 bits

fred k1io (Fred R. Goldstein   fgoldstein@bbn.com) sez:
>Actually, it was "Radix-50", not -40.  I think it's documented in
>the RT-11 manual set.  It's probaby deep in my attic.


Greg Merrell sent me the following message clearing up the details with
Radix-50.  Thanks, gang.  -Mike

p.s. I'm still curious if this is actually useful for Ham IP?
From: Greg Merrell <GREG@mail.msm.com>

 Actually DEC called it Rad-50 as even the radix was in octal!

 From my old RSX-11M pocket reference card (at least it took some digging to
 find it - it wasn't on the top of my desk!):

 0	Space
 1-26	A-Z
 27	$
 28	.
 29	Reserved
 30-39	0-9

 But the rest of your argument was right.

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