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Amateur Cooperation

wa6fwi writes:

>Brian is right. Until we learn to work together, none of this is going to
>on any large scale.

Brian@nothing.ucsd.edu  writes:

> I know that schemes like this don't sit well with many hams.  I think
> there are two main reasons for this: 1) To build it requires a degree
> of cooperation that hams have never before demonstrated, and 2) this
> creates two classes of stations: the users and the providers.  We hams
> are equalitarians - we tend to believe that every station is a good as
> every other station, and these necessary two 'classes' of stations
> sticks in the craw.

This is what seems to be what is really holding us back on the ax25 and
network. We need to do something about this besides just talking about it
In a related note here I would like to interject something out of the bible:

This is the story in Genesis Chapter Eleven about the tower of Babel. The 
sixth verse says and this is God talking here:
"And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one
language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from
them, which they have imagined to do."

Which means that if we are in unity there is nothing that we can't do, that
is a
mighty bold statement. If we want the high speed links so we can run level
seven protocol, run digitized video, digitized voice, virtual reality, high
ftp, mosaic, www,  gopher, mime, etc. We need to be talking about ideas on
how to do this. Maybe to put a program together that we all can take to our
local clubs and amateur get togethers. Since we are the ones that see what
must be done, we are the ones that will also be instrumental in implementing
it. Since others do not see what is really needed then we need to educate
the ones who do not. Just because we have alot of appliance operators does
not mean that they cannot get involved. We need to move into the future,
in all reality, in amateur radio we are behind. We used to be at the fore
front. This
our fault, we are the new breed and we need to take up the slack.
Two people cannot walk done the road together unless they agree, lets get
thing moving. 
 How about ideas now on how to do that????

            73 de
           kc6lha@kc6lha.ampr.org []
           Internet: jwilliamsn@aol.com
           kc6lha bbs:(909)887-3881
           voice mail:(909)880-8761

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