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wampes + dama


        Is it likley that the published patches by dd8ne
will some day be included into the stock release of wampes. Every time
a new version of wampes is release there is never the dama patches
included.  The patches were sent to the wampes co authors some time ago.

I know that Flexnet code now included into the stock wampes is important
work, however the same can be said for the users of wampes that require
to have dama code included.

My 0.1 DM's worth

      Barry  DC0HK/GM8SAU    wampes dama user

And My mega thanks to Hans-Jochim DD8NE for his efforts to get dama into
wampes code.

Ill upload the wampes-dama.941123.gz patch file soon as i get my links back.
later the patch against 941204


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