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Re: NOS is evil

jmorriso@bogomips.ee.ubc.ca said:
> The mind boggles. I get a laugh when I see people using whatever hack
> NOS has for SMTP, when they have the far more powerful Berkely
> sendmail or Smail sitting under their noses. <Sigh> I guess old
> habits die hard. Time to do some re-education...

Could be worse. Some people still use DOS.

On the other hand there are many valid reasons to use a user process
for amateur radio network interface, all have been covered here before.

One is that Linux's AX.25 support is not quite state of the art.

Another is that Linux AX.25 has no support for a firewall between the
amateur radio stuff and everything else. [JT]NOS and Wampes provide
that firewall.

Study Linux closer and you'll find lots of things are implemented as
processes outside of the kernel. NFS is a major example.

73, David N4HHE

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