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Re: NOS is evil

> I'd also like to see something done for other systems liks OS/2 and Windows.
> Sure Trumpet Winsock exists and Warp has TCP/IP, but they suffer from the
> same problem as AX.25 in the kernel.  What I'd like to see here is Phil's
> base code gutted and rip the servers right out and just use the AX.25 and
> TCP/IP part. Then put a Windows Socket interface on it and you can run
> all the neat Windows and OS/2 applications you want. 

For OS/2, atleast, this is what I am doing. The problem with OS/2, NT or 
Windows is alittle different than for Linux. With Linux, you get all the 
source, with the others you dont. The others have a rich set of api for the 
actual apps but little way to talk directly to their stack. I take issue 
with the speed and reliabity comment. Although I can not speak for Linux, 
the OS/2  and NT stacks work quite nicely in a high traffic environment. 
Also, looking at this from an architecture point of view, the Linux, NT and 
OS/2 stacks and interfaces are much tighter to the underlying OS than an 
application running on the hosting OS. If anything, apps running thru an 
AX25 and kiss interfaces should run better on OS/2, NT and Linux than where 
all that interface logic, and the apps are in the same process.


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