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Linked Conference Bridge Mailing List

After discussion with several of the other sysops that run systems that 
are a part of the network of linked Conference Bridges world-wide, I have 
started a new mailing list for sysops of these systems.


CONV-sysops is a mailing group that supports interlinked informal network
of Conference Bridges used by Amateur Radio operators world-wide. It is
not restricted to simply the Internet<->Amprnet gateway sysops, but to all
sysops that are a part of the interlinked sessions.

It is to be used for sharing, co-ordination, and administration. It is
moderated by Brian/KO4KS.

To send mail to this group, use "conv-sysops@lantz.com".


To join the mailing list, send a message to:


with the following line in the message body:

	add email-address conv-sysops

where "email-address" is the address that you wish to receive the
mailing list messages. The "email-address" can be omitted if the
mail is received by the same address.

Brian A. Lantz/KO4KS                        brian@lantz.com

REAL PORTION of Microsoft Windows code:
	while (memory_available)	{
		eat_major_portion_of_memory (no_real_reason);
		if (feel_like_it)
			make_user_THINK (this_is_an_OS);

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