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Re: z8530drv at last...

> Oh, no, not AGAIN!!! Should we discuss technical problems here or play
> spare-time lawyers? There are several reasons for that notice:

Technical issues would be nicer. This has got a little out of hand. I didn't
want it to start a flame war, although I could have been a little less explosive
in my original posting - sorry for that.

> 2. My notice should have following effects:
>    - non-HAMs should at least ask before they use the driver (just
>      want to know what's going on)
>    - If a non-HAM uses the code he uses it without ANY warranty and
>      can't claim to get any reward for damages. (The
>      explicit exclusion of any warranty is usesless here in Europe.
>      Judges won't accept it)
> 3.  I don't wat citicen band user fooling around with MY work.

I don't want a citizen band user being stopped from using my work. Thats what
the GPL is designed to protect against. After all you are using quite a bit
of work by Fred N Van Kempen (A CB person).

I'm quite happy to leave this as a disagreement, but want to be sure people
downloading the program are aware of the issues.


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