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NOS and the BPQ Switch

	Since I wrote a note saying that jnos1.10h is working well as a 
pbbs and I use it with the BPQ switch, I have received many requests for 
info on using nos and the BPQ switch. Below is a short paper:

                Running Nos with the BPQ Switch

                      Karl Larsen, k5di
                       18 January 1995

     1. A ham in El Paso, TX Paul, N5FAZ wrote code that could be 
incorporated into JNOS version 1.07 and allow a nos attach 
statement to automatically find and use the BPQ Switch software 
running in the TSR mode. Like most code writers his documentation 
leaves something to improve on. That is the reason for this short 

     2. The guys working with JNOS and perhaps others have put the 
code into the sourcecode we use to compile all JNOS. You need to 
select the BPQ Driver in config.h and that will do it. This code 
has been available in every version of JNOS from about version 
1.09 on to the current 1.10H.

     3. The nos made to work with BPQ will work fine with any 
version of BPQ except the last version of the series 4.07X. I 
called John Wiseman and he has fixed the problem on the current 
version 4.08.

     4. Alas the documentation on how to write the attach 
statement has been all but lost! You can download from 
ftp.ucsd.edu the file hamradio/packet/g8bpq/nos2bpq.zip and it 
will include a .doc that is rather hard to follow. What I put here 
is intended to be a clear presentation of what you do.

     5. Below is the section of my autoexec.nos that attaches the 
nos to the BPQ switch:

# Set up the connection to the bpq switch ***********************
attach bpq init 0x7f 33   # This tells nos what interupt to use 0x7f 33
attach bpq 3 ax0 
attach bpq 2 ax2
attach bpq 1 ax1 
attach bpq 4 ax4

This looks simple and it's not. You need to find out a good deal 
of information before you start to write your own. But I certify 
that this works on my computer.

     6. attach bpq init <software interupt> <start address>

I suggest you just copy what I have here and chances are very good 
it will work. If you have a conflict first change 33 to like 35 
and see if it works.

     7. attach bpq <BPQ Port number 1,2,3,n> <nos attach name>

You can use any name for nos but you must use a BPQ port that has 
been defined in the bpqcfg.txt "ports" section. You can have just 
one of these and it will work fine. I have 4 ports in my BPQ 
switch and I LOVE to watch the activity on all ports with my nos. 
So I have defined them all.

     8. The BPQ package comes with a lot of software. It still 
comes with the driver nodedrv.exe which was the OLD way to connect 
nos to the switch. DO NOT use it anymore!

     9. For futher information contact me at k5di@acca.nmsu.edu or 
k5di@k5di.nm.usa.noam via the pbbs network. I sure hope this 
helps...: )

 *  73, de karl k5di@k5di.nm.usa.na   k5di.ampr.org   k5di@acca.nmsu.edu    *
 *                                                                          *
 *  The only pbbs in Las Cruces, NM     Telephone bbs 1:305/111 Fidonet     *
 *    Using the F6FBB ver 5.15C         Binkley mailer with Maximus 2.12    *
 *                                                                          *
 *        Electrical Engineer with the Army Research Laboratory             *
 *                                                                          *

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