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SCC attach lines wanted

I'm doing some work on the SCC.C module in JNOS - putting in
support for 85230 chips, allowing the use of a spare channel
to provide the timer ticks, etc.

(Yes, I know they're all documented in SCC.TXT, just that the
current code doesn't support them, and the only code that does
isn't in the public domain).

I'm also going to put in 'easy' attach lines - something which
is talked about in the code comments, but not implemented. One
will be able to attach boards using a syntax like this:

   attach scc baycom|drsi|pc100|opto <base_io_address> <irq>

What I need are examples of attach lines for as many boards as
possible, with the caveat that the boards should be standard
(i.e. if you have blown your own PAL to change all the chip/
register spacings, then please don't confuse me with your

All standard board attach lines will be most useful. I already
have the BayCom USCC info as this is the card I use.

Andrew, G8FSL

Andrew Benham       A.D.S.Benham@bnr.co.uk
BNR Europe Ltd, 140 Greenway, Harlow Business Park, Harlow,
   Essex CM19 5QD, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1279 402372    Fax: +44 1279 402029

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