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Linux Z8530 driver version 1.7

Announcement of

     Z8530DRV - Linux driver for Z8530 based HDLC cards for AX.25
                           Version 1.7

(1) The driver does NOT support a simple BayCom MODEM. It needs a
    Z8530 based controller board

(2) ALWAYS start from a clean source tree!

(3) If the patches fail, please RT*M!! I can't generate patches
    for every single kernel patch level.

(4) This driver should work with perhaps small modifications from
    kernel version 1.1.56 up... The kernel versions below, as well
    as the "official" versions up to 1.0.9 are NOT supported. It
    has been tested to work with 1.1.88.

(5) It should at least work with the following Z8530-SCC boards and
    connected MODEMs

    - BayCom USCC

    - PA0HZP card with and without ESCC and/or external clock divider
      (up to 19200 baud (loopback))

    - TCM3105 modem, 4k8 modem, 9k6 DF9IC modem (loopback), HAPN 4k8 modem
      (connected to a SCC board, of course!)

It's GNU-GPL now... Hope this puts an end to endless discussions ;-)

(don't bother the existence of warnings in Copying.Z8530DRV, they are
 not part of the licence)

I uploaded the driver to
and will distribute it under the name "z8530d17.tgz" in 8 7plus-parts
to UNIX @ EU

And if I get 250 error reports from Italien AUTO7P-Servers again
this will be the very last time I distribute that driver through
packet radio... The machines should work for me, not I for
the machines ;-)

vy 73

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