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Linux Software ftp site.

A directory has been made available at one of the major Linux ftp sites
specifically for Amateur Radio related software. As there is a large group
of amateur radio operators who are new to linux and how have not come from
NOS it would help to have any Linux specific software put there as well as
on ftp.ucsd.edu as they may not know to look at the latter.

The site is:


To have a file made available in this directory, simple anonymous ftp the
file to the /pub/Linux/Incoming directory, complete an 'lsm' (Linux
Software Map) file for it specifying sunstie.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/apps/ham as
one of the sites and wherever else you make the software available as other
sites, and upload it into the Incoming directory too. More specific (read: less
confusing) instructions for how to do this are available when you anon ftp.

I also periodically check this directory for new files and will automatically
add anything I find into the Linux HAM-HOWTO document saving you the need to
notify me if you want your software listed.


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