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Re: Sendmail config to convert PBBS to ampr.org

On Sat, 11 Feb 1995 jra@ag9v.ampr.org wrote:

> Wonder if anyone can provide suggestions on how to convince sendmail on my
> Linux system to convert mail with a specific PBBS address to a specific
> ampr.org hostname.
> For example:  I want anything addressed to user@N8ACV.#DAY.ETC to end up
> addressed and sent to n8acv.ampr.org.  I don't need a general solution, just
> a way to handle a specific pair of addresses so I can use Unix mail to reply
> to mail left for me on the bbs side of the local JNOS system (which is
> then aliased to my Unix system).
> I think for this to work properly I need to rewrite both the headers and the
> envelope...
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John. I'm not sure on sendmail but I have a jnos box on my Linux system and
I use the ampernet mail box as by linux mailbox also. I am using the pine
mailer under linux but sendmail config should be about the same as
".pinerc" for pine. Here's what I did:

#1- Linux system
        my user name and host address is glennsil@oajnet.org

#2- Jnos system
        my user name/host is wa1oaj@wa1oaj-1.ampr.org

In my personal home directory (not my root directory) ie; /home/glennsil
I removed the ~/mail subdirectory and replaced it with a pointer that
points to the jnos mail directory ie; ln -s /oajnet/spool/mail mail

This makes the "default" mail stuff that wants to use /home/glennsil/mail

Next I changed the mail rc file (.pinerc) to overide my own domain name
ie; oajnet.org... and replace it with wa1oaj-1.ampr.org

I also set up in .pinerc that my "smartmail host" was wa1oaj-1.ampr.org

This way instead of using "bm.exe" or whatever with jnos I can if I want
to but I can send/recv mail from linux/jnos with pine.

I would think that the above should work with sendmail too. I got tierd
of fighting with sendmail myself... <grin>

-Glenn   WA1OAJ

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