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Re: Radios for higher speeds

>Here's a timely topic:  the PacComm SPRINT-2 packet controller.  Just
>received one yesterday, for a local group.  It is TNC2-compatible, and via
>jumper settings can be set to terminal and modem/radio speeds of 9600bps and
>38400bps.  This is the SPRINT-2 NODE.  The SPRINT-2 BACKBONE model comes with
>primary and secondary filters set to 38400bps and 57600bps, as opposed to the
>9600/38400 filters in the NODE model.
>Hope to see more discussion about radios accomodating G3RUH modems set for
>38400bps and 57600bps, i.e. 60KHz and 100KHz bandwidth usage.  Has anyone
>done it, microwave or not?
>(Comments on the Kantronics KPC-9612 and other new products are of interest,

  I have just ordered 5 of these new PacComm Sprint II TNC's.  I have heard
just wonderful things about these TNC's.  There are 2 of these on a pair of
Master II rigs and they seem to be performing well.   Another great product
from PacComm is the NB-9600 internal modem for the TNC-2 TNC's.  With the
Sprint II just a few bucks more than the MFJ 9600...I know where Ill put my

   I have a question on 9600 mods on the UHF Mitrek....I understand there are
25 Khz filters available from Digi Key.   I have heard that serveral have
upgraded the filters in the Mitreks to 25 Khz bandwith.    What filters were
replaced??  all the 4 Pole / 2 Pole....ect???     Let me know...  Also what was
the performance increase in these mods.  We are installing an across the state
backbone with these and would like to get it right first...ha!


 73, Rich KI3V  ki3v@africa.connectus.com

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