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Re: Installing Linux AX25028 Experiences

> that people release. One thing I'd like to see included is a program
> to set the parameters in a KISS tnc while the interface is attached.
> I sometimes change tnc's or work on a tnc while the program is running
> and to set the desired parameters in a tnc you have to detach your
> interface to send the commands out the serial port (unless I'm missing

I've never written one because

a)      I use a PI2 card now
b)      Its easy to write one without the KISS attached, and if you want
to do 'on the fly' settings then the answer is probably some kind of unix
domain socket to the running axattach to tell it to drop KISS send x, restore
KISS and restore the interface settings. Its certainly not the sort of thing
I'd want to put into the kernel.


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