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Re: Cisco AX.25 support (was: Gracilis card question)

        Richard Chycoski, VE7CVS <richard@sfu.ca> writes:

        > But how many 4Mbps interfaces exist for the 486, and how many of them
        > could it support? Would you be interested in the project if you could
        > have T1 or better over the radio? (There is local interest in such a
        > product.)

        What about all of those 10-base-T and Ethernet cards? Glenn Elmore used
        one of them in his 2 MBPS microwave system (in old ARRL handbooks). I th
        he used the "external transceiver" connection (do they call this the AUI
        port?). The only question I have regards slowing down the clock speed of
        the 10 MBPS cards, but I'm sure that this is possible with some cards.

        For information on "Linux for Hams",
        read http://www.rahul.net/perens/LinuxForHams
Why slow it down?  Instead of 4 Mbps, why not just jump to a full 10 Mbps?
Would anyone complain about the 250% increase between 4 and 10 Mbps?  I
certainly wouldn't.

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