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Re: using Kantronics KPC-9612 at 9600bps

Thanks a bunch for the replies!  The problem was guessed by Walter Holmes, and
here is part of his reply:

From: WHolmes@ix.netcom.com (Walter Holmes)
  This may be a silly question, but have you placed the radio into the

9600 baud mode yet ?  ie.. pressing F + STEP to display the 9600 baud

symbol. The reason I ask, is that I tried my 733 and 9612 for about 2

hours before I found that bit of data. It seemed to receive the packets

fine, but would not transmit the data correctly.

Now, after enabling 9600bps on the radio, the Kantronics KPC-9612 works with
the Kenwood TM-733A at 9600bps.  It is actually the equipment of
Danny.Hua@m.cc.utah.edu, so please do e-mail Danny and I if you want to find
out more.  I myself am not sure how small oof a TXDELAY we are able to use with

the Kenwood radio.  The radio that I dedicate to 9600bps packet is a TEKK
KS-960, and it is fast enough to use a 70ms TXDELAY.

Other related info:
For the case of my Standard C5718DA radio, I not only cannot use a TXDELAY
under about 300ms, but the transmit-to-receive switching time of the Standard
is not fast enough to receive "quick" replies from other stations on the
existing 9600bps network here in Salt Lake.  That is a fairly serious problem
that the Kenwood does not seem to have, and it is one thing on a list of 4
problems that my Standard has been sent to service to fix (but otherwise I
like the C5718DA).

I hope my query and this reply was appropriate for the lists I sent it to;  I
personally would rather discuss things like Internet gateway design and
routing protocols in the tcp-group list, but thanks for the info and 73.


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