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Re: Using the Kantronics Data Engine with the Yaesu FT-5100

        Hello to all from Trinidad (The University of the West Indies) from Ryan

My problems are as follows :

1.      I am using a DE19K2/9K6 Modem in the Kantronics Data Engine at 9600 baud
. I would like to
know the jumper settings on the modem (JP1, JP2, JP3, JP4) for a Yaesu FT-5100.
2.      On contacting Yaesu, I was told that the jack at the back of the radio m
ay be used for
only 9600 baud packet operation; not 1200 baud (this was not stated in the manua
l). What I would
like to know is, has anyone ever tried operating at 9600 baud with this jack? An
d did it work?
If it didn't initially, what mods were required ?
3.      In JNOS110h, my SMTP client only works if an MTU of 1128 is defined. Doe
s anyone else have
this problem or it just me ?

Thanking all in advance for your time and helpful responses.


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