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Re: Linux/xNOS users - need info

On Fri, 10 Mar 1995, Kurt Freiberger wrote:

> Is there anyone doing Linux/xNOS with the Slackware 2.1 (1.1.59)
> release?  I suspect a bug in routing from the Ethernet to internal
> SLIP links.  If you are running successfully, please contact me.
> If you are NOT running successfully with this configuration, also
> contact me.  Maybe we can pool resources and try to track this
> alleged bug down....

i struggled with this one for quite a while; i was convinced i was doing
everything right, but it just wouldn't work! ...i finally decided the
stock v1.1.59 kernel supplied with slackware 2.1 does *not* have the
routing and gatewaying feature configured into the kernel! a quick
recompile with the routing turned on fixed the problem (the source i had
on hand was for v1.1.64, so that's what i configured & compiled up for
linux.k9iu.ampr.org; so i've not actually tried it with the v1.1.59 source
distributed with slackware v2.1.0).

73 & happy linux-ing!


John W. Naab, KA8TNA (k9iu co-sysop)       AMPRnet: ka8tna@k9iu.ampr.org
Indiana AMPRnet ip address coordinator    Internet: ka8tna@indiana.edu

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