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Re: IP number problem

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, Phil Karn wrote:

> The "ifconfig interface ipaddress xx.xx.xx.xx" command should work. However,
> it only applies to new TCP connections. If you have an existing telnet
> or whatever that's stuck, reset it and try again.

        Thanks Phil, I was drawn off base by the "help" files that come
with jnos and ARE very helpfull to novice guys like me. But alas I saw

        "ifconfig ip address xx.xx.xx.xx" and so I used 'ip address' and
the nos hung. I did at last "try" ifconfig ipaddress and it
works like a charm Phil.

        Now I need to figure out how to set up so hams can get to the
internet like I can from the nos keyboard...:-)   We novice never learn...

73, Karl k5di      PS: Missed your TAPR presentation due to an early
airplane to Wash. DC where I had to brief the boss again early Monday. I
want to retire from this rat-race!

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