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new linux Z8530 driver out...


At last I found  the z8530 programming handbook with more information
on the chip than that old data sheet... But what on earth has a SCC to
do with "16 bit MMUs"? It will remain a secret of SGS forever, I bet ;-)

Anyway, I found some bugs that made the kernel say "Oops" (or even
worse: panic...), found the reason for obscure "tx underruns" in
duplex modes, fixed the patches again for kernel 1.2.0, and so on.

Hope you enjoy it.

You'll find it at


or the mirror at nic.switch.ch, and in the S&F world sent to UNIX @ EU.

BTW: I'm not in Aachen next week and I do have some problems with my
     AX.25 BBS...

vy 73

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