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Re: FEC paper, implementation


>I think a nice platform to do these experiments would be the DSP4.  It

I'm not convinced that a DSP has any special advantage over a general
purpose CPU in executing FEC algorithms.  A general purpose CPU (such
as the one already running NOS) is fast enough for ham use, especially
with sequential decoding. My Fano decoder in C runs at roughly 280-320
kilobranches/sec on a 66 MHz 486DX2 in protected (32 bit) mode. That
translates directly to 280-320 kilobits/sec on "clean" packets with
little backward decoder motion.

Even my Viterbi (K=7, r=1/2) decoder program runs over 40 kb/s on the
same machine.

What I *would* like from a DSP is a modem that gives me "soft
decision" samples. This results in an additional coding gain of 2dB on
AWGN channels with linear modulation (PSK), bringing the Eb/N0
requirement for the r=1/2 K=32 sequentially decoded code down to 3dB.
Hardware modems could be modified to do this by replacing the slicer
with an A/D converter having at least 3 bits of precision, but on a
DSP it would just be a matter of software.

I'm currently packaging up my Fano decoder and will be releasing it
shortly for people to experiment. I'll follow up with my Viterbi


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