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What Gives

OK this may be a dumb question, but guess this is the placee to ask!

I have been running grinos on a mulitport system for some years without
much problem.  I decided to update to Jnos and in doing so I have one
port that I just can't get to talk. I am running 3 ports as NRS and
linking with BPQ on other machines. All ports are running 16550's and
all but one are running FULL null modem cables. The one that WILL NOT
work under JNOS is on a 3 wire cable, due to it's REMOTE location within
the house. It works fine under GRINOS, but will only talk a couple of
frames before freezing up under JNOS.

After the freeze, I reload grinos and it talks fine. I have tried about
every PARAM I could think of in JNOS, but always the same lock up after
a couple of frames, OR none at all.  Did something change in the drivers
in JNOS ??? Do I need more wires?? for Jnos ??

Thanks for your patience with a real novice to Jnos!

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