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Re: Vanilla KA9Q as FTP server, part 2

     Jay ...
        I haven't played with NOS in some time,  but I think NOS may have a
     problem finding a different drive from its' own.  If I remember the
     docs about NOS,  it has no problem finding subdirectories below its'
     own root,  but it may not see the H: drive you are pointing to.

        Try to point to a subdirectory within the c:\KA9Q directory, such
     as \public or something else.

        I have had no problems with anonymous ftp connections in my past
     playing,  but I configured DOS to create a logical N: drive for NOS
     using the DOS SUBST command in my autoexec to set N:=c:\NOS .  That
     way NOS thought it was in its' own root directory.

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Subject: Vanilla KA9Q as FTP server, part 2
Author:  Jay Maynard <jmaynard@k5zc.hsc.uth.tmc.edu> at INTERNET
Date:    3/24/95 12:10 AM

I got a couple of replies that suggested I needed to place an anonymous
userid line in FTPUSERS. It was there already, as:
anonymous * H:/ 1
(the directory I need to serve is H:/, and I want read-only access).
Any more suggestions? I know it's finding FTPUSERS, since I can log in;
I also added another line for myself with permissions of 127, and still
can't do anything even when logged in as that userid.
The software and files live in C:\KA9Q, and I'm starting NOS with the
-d C:\KA9Q option.

...Jay, K5ZC

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