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tools for managing address assignments

My tools for semi-automatically handling address assignments, including
updating the ampr.org nameservers and publishing a local domain.txt file,
have been updated slightly.  The changes are mostly related to making it less
likely that someone trying to set this up will trash *my* data (changes in the
example config files, which were too real... sigh), and some additions to the
README file.

As always, this stuff is available from:


It is currently being used to manage the data for 44.32 and 44.20 from winfree,
and I know of a couple of other address admins that have picked up the code.

You need some flavor of Unix and a mail path to ucsd.edu for this to be
of any real use...

Shout if you change anything or have questions.

73 - Bdale, N3EUA

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