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Re: FEC - Where are the experimenters ?

> FEC ? Where have all of the experimenters gone ?

> The programs need a couple of things to make them more useful to
> ham radio.  Especially we non-programmers and MS-DOS types....

> 1)  They need compilied to run on MS-DOS systems (386 or better)
>     and a .exe file made available.  Or the changes need to make
>     it compile under Borland 3.0 , etc. need to be posted by one
>     of you programmer types.  Any takers ?

Isn't it going to be hard to experiment with this code if you don't
even have the facilities available to compile it?  I must say, I've
looked on with amusement at the requests for compiled versions.  What
would you intend to do with it?  Won't it be difficult to interface to
whatever hardware you have?

> 2)  Once the simulation program runs on a MS-DOS (yes they are
>     still a lot of those in tcp/ip and packet not everyone is
>     running Linux and TNOS (yet)) the program needs a driver to
>     allow interfacing with the real world (our TNC's, etc).  In
>     order to do this the noise generator needs to be removed
>     from the software and the driver written for using a COM
>     port to get the data into and out of the MS-DOS machine. No
>      the obsolute Z-80 code of the TNC-2 does not have to be
>     changed.  We hardware types can cut circuit lines to remove
>     and add back the data stream to the TNC.

Since the TNC incorporates the signal processing function (modem,
etc.)  as well as generating and checking the FCS of the HDLC frame,
how can you use this without changing the code in the TNC?  Wouldn't
it be easier to modify the KISS TNC code than hacking circuit traces?

If you constrain your choice of tools at the outset, you're
handicapping yourself unnecessarily.


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