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Hello All!

Hello all tcp-group members!

I've subscribed just now to this group, and I'd wish to receive a reply from
any of you...

My main interest, in this period, is the use of tcp/ip and ham radio programs
under Linux... I installed JNOS 1.09a3 into my system (386/40, 4 Mram, 250HD,
2mt radio into tcp/ip Italian network), and I noticed it works fine.

I've the need to resolve two little problems:

1) How to "interface" JNOS to the built-in Linux tcp/ip, in order to make users
able to join the operating system? I read it should be possible, but how?

2) I'd wish to startup JNOS at system boot, but if I put the command into
rc.local, it executes JNOS before waking up the terminals... making Linux a
monotask/monouser, Jnos dedicated, Operating system...  8-((
(terminals wake up only AFTER SHUTTING DOWN Jnos...)

Well, that's all, for now! I stay in "idle state", awaiting your nice
And putting you a smiled greeting from Florence, Italy!

Bye bye!


--- LoraBBS-DOS v2.40b3 (Eval.)

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