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finger support

Well, I'm about to ftp the sources for finger support to Phil's machine
along with a short description of the application and some guidelines
for its uses, aimed in particular for the manual.  Bdale:  should I send
you a copy?  I presume you are still the caretaker of the docs...
Oh, and it's in nroff format (hope that doesn't pose any problems!).

I decided that since the PC isn't a multi-tasking machine, the finger
reply from a PC shouldn't act as such, i.e. no terminal idle time, etc.
As such, the finger server returns a file composed by the user from the
"finger database directory."  Multiple "users" are supported; one need only
include a user.txt file in the database directory for that user to be
recognized.  Also, instead of returning system statistics when a 'finger @host'
command is issued, the server returns a list of known users in the database.
If anyone has a better idea, let me know.  Some statistics about the system
could be included, but it probably wouldn't be portable to other machines
(keyboard idle time, etc.).  Besides, it makes it easier on the other ham
to find out the names of the users on the remote host by just fingering
the host.

Oh, and don't forget that hosts running older code (no finger support)
can still finger hosts running the server by using 'telnet host 79' and
typing the user name once connected.  Of course, it won't work the other
way around...

Of course, finger support on a local basis might have minimal use, but as
the network grows it may become a valuable resource for finding info about
a fellow ham.  Since there is really no limit as to what can be put in the
user.txt file, all kinds of useful information can be relayed.  One thing
that obviously comes to mind is QSL info.  How nice it would be if I could
type something like 'finger wa7xyz@wa7xyz' on my terminal and get
instant QSL info, a phone number, or whatever.  Of course, this is a LONG
WAYS down the road, but we have to start somewhere!

Some questions:

I hate to ask this, but I remember someone mentioning a graft of the CBBS
code into NET and was wondering about the status of it.  You wouldn't believe
the crap we NET-ers have to put up with from the C64 rtty-packet users
here in Eastern Washington (or would you?!), so as a token gesture of
appreciation (read: tranquilizer) some of us would like to run some sort
of W0RLI bbs code for these, uh, people to use.  Please, no flames, just
a status report...

Anyone look into a talk server/client?  It seems like it could be a nice,
simple application, but of course it would require some form of cursor
control, a terrible thing when considering portability...  If not talk,
how about some flow-control (when selected) for AX.25 mode (and telnet,
too).  Shouldn't be too bad; just modify the receive upcalls to check for
a flow control flag && keyboard buffer == empty.  Again, not too portable,
but would be handy.

Just curious if others have addressed these...

73, Mike -ka7axd

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