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TNC2 KISS problem?


The TNC2 I have up at my switch site seems to have a problem.  Whenever
the load gets heavy (i.e. during a file transfer), the TNC resets during
the transfers (you know; flashing lights and all).  It *appears* to do
it when both sending and receiving data over RS-232 (maybe not?).  At
any rate, it restarts.  It has 32K SRAM and is running the latest code
off of louie.  Could it be that the TNC2 code on louie is old?  Has anyone
else had this problem?  It really doesn't hurt anything other than slowing
down the transfer (doesn't do anything for the first few seconds while it's
flashing after reset) and resumes the default parameters.  If this problem
is not just an isolated case, I'll look at the code or at least weed out
the flashing led code so that it comes up faster after the crash...


73, Mike -ka7axd

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