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Re: TNC2 KISS problem?

Since I haven't seen a response from Mike yet, I'll take a shot at this.

I discovered a problem in Mike's earlier code (the version that has been
on louie "forever") when operating in full duplex mode. The tail timer
didn't work correctly. It wasn't restarted each time a new frame was
queued, so it could drop the carrier in the middle of the frame. Also,
frames being received on the HDLC port were garbled if a transmission
occurred at the same time.

Mike has now corrected both of these problems. We've been running his
latest version on our full duplex crossband switch for a week now and it
has been absolutely solid. I've never seen the board reset itself in the
matter you describe, with either the old code or the new; if it did, I'd
be certain to notice it because it would default back to half duplex
mode until the next net.exe restart.


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