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ether to ether

I'm trying to get a system set up where a user on a TNC can connect to any
machine on our ethernet (BSD UNIX machines) with a telnet to that machine
directly. What I'm thinking is that I could set up the routing tables so
that any default packets would be sent to some other device (maybe something
like kn0 for kernel 0). The driver for this device would take that packet
and pass it into the kernel for routing. Theoretically you could log on to
any machine on the Internet through this gateway.

Now I know Phil's software will do this with a PC, but I'm working with
Vaxen and Suns. Has any work been done in this area already? From what I've
seen, it would take re-writing the kernel to allow user-level software to
hand packets to the routing software. This really isn't feasible. I have
come across a protocol the Suns have called "nit" that may do what I want,
though. Programs like "etherfind" that directly watch packets on the ether-
net use this protocol. Does anyone have any experience with this already?
I'd hate to duplicate efforts. Any help is appreciated.


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