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WA4DSY modems

I must admit to some major confusion - I though that the WA4DSY modem was
a plug-in board for the PC - our Radio Club has approx. $400 budgeted
for packet, I'd much rather get the 4DSY modem up than buy yet another
TNC.  We can hook it up to a Sun-2 or PC/XT-type workstation.
My question is similar to Henry's:  Will the Sun-2 8530-based serial ports
(we have 6 of them, 2 on CPU board, 4 on SCSI board) be able to drive the
things fast enough?)  We may be able to scrounge an H/SDLC board for a
PC from somewhere if the Sun won't work out.

More importantly, who will we be able to talk to?  We're in Pittsburgh, PA.
It would be nice to be able to talk to Columbus, Cleveland, Charleston,
Maryland/DC (the wormhole,perhaps?) and perhaps Philadelphia direct.

                                        - Ralph

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