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Re: comp.ham.packet.tcp-ip newsgroup

Bad idea.  Gatewaying tcp-group to a newsgroup is an even worse idea.

The tcp-group mailing list is specifically maintained for the gathering
of people who are ACTIVELY working on making a ham radio tcp/ip network
a reality.  It is NOT for general jabber about Phil's tcp package and
the various ports of it to thousands of different kinds of hardware; it
is for building the ham network.

I think that there is plenty of space in the existing ham-radio.packet
newsgroup for discussions of amateur networking, including tcp/ip and
those other mythical protocols, and there is plenty of room in the
existing protocols.tcp-ip newsgroup for discussions of Phil's great
portable tcp/ip package and its ports.

Therefore, I think it would be a VERY BAD IDEA to gateway this mailing
list to a Usenet newsgroup, and I resist doing so.
        - Brian

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