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Subject: my bbs code

I am ready to put some code out for folks to peruse for the MBL/RLI style
bbs to use with the net code.

This is a Unix SysV program and will *not* run on BSD without some
hacking as it uses SysV IPC messages to communicate between net and
the bbs process(es). Perhaps BSD sockets could be substituted easily.
I don't know, not having a Berkley system to play with. I suppose one
*could* make it work on a PC if you substituted something for the
popen() calls that I use for directory listings and ran it under
DoubleDOS or Deskview. How you talk between processes on the PC , I

Beware, it has some problems co-existing with net. I get funny crashes
in the free_mbuf routine and sometimes a state upcall with a bad address.
It is basically working and does the whole packet PBBS thingy with
forwarding, reverse forwarding, bulletin ids and the whole 9 yards.
Also, messages are kept as files with self-contained headers, excluding
the message number, which is the file name. This should make PBBS to
Email translations fairly easy. It is also runnable from a terminal
or from a modem log-in, so it allows you to work on PBBS traffic and
etc while someone is logged in on the air, or provide a call-up for
local hams.

So, I am running out of spare time for a while. It is basically complete.
If anyone is interested in hacking on it , I would appreciate all input.
Possibly it may be what you are looking for.

If so, the files are in two groups. There are bbs sources in shar
format. These are called bbs.shar[1-4]. At the moment, there are 4 of
these, but more may appear. The modifications to the net code are contained
in three shar files called netmod.shar[1-3]. There are also compressed
versions out there with .Z endings(16 bit compression). All files are
in /usr/spool/uucppublic on my system at 412-443-4756. If you want to
look around, I have a guest login. Login name is 'guest' and there is
no password. This puts you in a restricted shell in the uucp public
directory. You can run umodem from there. If you uucp, please log
in as puucp.

-Good Luck

Jim, W2XO

(pitt!w2xo!durham)  W2XO @ W2XO

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