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AtariST bits now on TOMCAT

Hi y'all,
        Thanks for your encouragement.  Rummaging through my old
mail last week, I noticed Tom Clark's 1987 offer of a file server
on TOMCAT.GSFC.NASA.GOV (, if that hasn't changed).
I _almost_ got the bits there before the New Year's holiday, but
the connection broke about 2/3 of the way through.  Last night
I tried again and it appears to be successful.  Thanks, Tom!

        I suppose it might be nice to propagate the bits onto more
servers, but for now NET33_ST.ARC is in the \public directory on
TOMCAT.  I haven't gotten the sources up there yet, but at least
the executables are there; sources may follow soon.  And it all
seems to work pretty well, including BM, now that I've figured
out that you have to give it the fully qualified file path
(spool\mail\name.txt) rather than just the name you're trying to
read for.

        As a little hack, I may try to put together a new mail
reader using AtariST GEM, under GFA Basic.  If anyone can give me
a quickie overview of the mail file formats (hint -- I don't
know unix mail from shinola -- this is VMS I'm writing from), I'd
appreciate it.  Thanx.
           fred k1io

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