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 This is one of those
    "I didn't pay any attention before but now I need it"
type of messages.

My usenet machine k1bc.UUCP has been upgraded (maybe side-graded)
from my 386 PC/DOS/UULINK machine to a 7300 UNIX-PC/SYSV/HDB machine.

So now I'm interested in running KA9Q code along with the
uucp/usenet stuff.  Is anyone doing this successfully and
are you willing to give me a quick overview?  Like what's
a good version of KA9Q to start with and what additional
goodies have people made to bridge the uucp/ham-tcp boundary?

(Also, before I do too much with this I'll need a combo board
for some more EIA ports.  Any sources?)

Thanks for any advice.

Bob, K1BC

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