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VT-100 device driver available

Jerry Joplin wrote a public domain VT-100 emulator intended for use with a
modem.  It was a self-contained package complete with setup screens and
interrupt driven serial character handling.  I converted it for use as a
device driver.  It isn't finished, but you might wish to take a look at
it, because it works well enough to use for real.  You can FTP it from
sun.soe.clarkson.edu in pub/ka9q as cvt100d.arc.  The original package
as I downloaded it from compu$erve is cvt100.arc.

I would appreciate it if people who use NET to communicate with VMS systems
would pound on this.  Cvt100's emulation algorithms are lifted directly from
MS-Kermit's VT-100 emulator, reputed to be one of the best.  It also works
with MS-Windows and DesqView.

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