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Atari ST sources now on BOBCAT

Thanks to Bob Clements' generous offer, I've placed the Atari ST
sources (by DK2GG) on BOBCAT.BBN.COM, in the public directory that
you get from anonymous ftp.  The file is NETSTSRC.ARC.

Binaries are currently on TOMCAT.GSFC.GOV.EDU.  Perhaps you
cats should exchange bits :-) !  Or keepers of the usual archives
can grab copies.  The binaries, btw, are in NET33_ST.ARC.

Up to date operating instructions are still wanted, however, since
the on-line USERMAN (in NET_DOC) is a year old this month.  Also

I can't find a copy of SMTP.DOC, from the 1987 distribution, and
I'm rather curious about the file formats used by SMTP and BM. 73,
        fred k1io

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