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HAPN 4800 baud modem kits ..

        In answer to Dick Mead's inquiry about the HAPN modems; HAPN can
be reached at the following address:

                        Box 4466, Station D,
                        Hamilton, Ontario
                        Canada, L8V4S7

        HAPN also has a phone number, but as I'm not in the habit of
making international phone calls, I don't have it.  Perhaps someone
else in the tcp-group can provide it.

        A group of us here in Bloomington, Indiana bought 8 of the HAPN-T
modem kits with an eye to putting our TCP/IP efforts on faster ground.
Purchased as a package of 8 kits we got a $3.00 discount.  Cost of the
kit is normally $48.00 (American).

        The kit consists of the HAPN 4800 modem PC board, a very clear
set of instructions, and *ALMOST* all of the parts to build the modem.
My kit was missing C-13, a 0.15 mfd capacitor, used in the carrier
detect section of the circuit.  Attempts to find this capacitor
locally proved fruitless.  I wrote HAPN on 12-28-88 requesting they
send me C-13, but to date I've not heard from them.  However, in the
interim I have found 2 other kits from this group purchase were also
missing C-13.  There may have been others lacking C-13, but I haven't
had a chance to talk to everyone.

        As this modem is clearly well designed, the PC board well made
and without defects, and the instructions unambiguous, it is a shame
that for lack of 1 capacitor that we sit here with partially completed
modems.  Hopefully the packaging of the kits in this group is an
isolated incident and not indicative of a larger problem.

Impatiently awaiting my C-13,

Jacque, KA9FJS

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