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AX.25 Network Simulation

> Has anyone done any network simulation on a prototypical AX.25 network using
> software tools like CACI's NETWORK or other network simulators?


I attempted to use NOS as the engine for an AX.25 (& higher) network
simulation earlier last year as a school project.  While not able to
employ the wonderful network simulation analyzers out there, I was
able to successfully hack the pktdrvr.c code to simulate the effects
of distance, collisions, capture, and link margin.

The project was a flop since NOS appears to be bad at pretending to
be several independent TNCs.  I wasn't able to find a way to cut
the "corpus callosum", as it were, in NOS such that it wouldn't know
about its other nodes.

If somebody out there knows how that might be done, I'd happy to pass on
to you the work I did.

Marshall Jose  WA3VPZ
mjj%stda@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu  ||  ...mimsy!aplcen!aplvax!mjj

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