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Lex data terminals connect TCP/IP networks with radio

The Sun-Observer-Europe has a new product announcement:

   Data terminals that link by radio frequency directly with mainframe
TCP/IP networks have been launched by industrial communications
company Lex Concessionaires.
    Lex supplies wireless LXE radio data terminals to allow shopfloor
operators to communicate with a host computer with little or no
software changes in installation, according to David Howe, company
    The LXE network controller board provides an interface compatible
with Sun.
    The radio terminals have an average system capable of over 10,000
computer updates an hour, according to Howe.
    Communicatio0n between LXE wireless terminals and other networks
can be carried out by industry-standard TCP/IP Telnet protocol.

Sheesh!  They certainly managed to avoid giving out any pertinent details
in *that* press release...

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