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BBS Message Truncation

Hi all,
I saw someone refer to this bug in G1EMM kh113013 before Xmas but
saw nothing more. This is a major headache locally, where all BBS
mail comes from an MSYS box which forwards using the AX25 BBS.

One of my users has actually observed this. What happened was:

1. The BBS starts (S)ending a message.
2. All goes OK until the local Node sends out an ARP for a station
that is off the air.
3. At this point the local node stops acknowledging the MSYS box.
4. After about 2 minutes and 10 retries, the MSYS box DM's the local
5. The partial mail file is then delivered locally as a completed
6. After this the local node bursts back into life.

He comments that the local node didn't appear to be doing anything
during this 2 minute period, but I wonder if it was calculating its
RSPF nodes table; the machine is a 10MHz AT. (The ARP may be a red

Any ideas why it went to sleep? And how do we fix the partial mail
message? (He is running kh113014).
73 Gareth
Gareth Howell G6KVK
g6kvk@g6kvk.ampr.org          AMPRNET          []
garethh@compulink.co.uk       EUNET
g6kvk@gb7khw._2111.gbr.eu     UK BBS Network
29 Blackmore, Letchworth, Herts ENGLAND SG6 2SX +44 (462) 677090

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