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RSPF routes that linger on

Hi all,
I noticed a wierdness last night in kh113014 that I hope someone can

My machine had been on the air for a couple of days, then I needed
the radio for something else, so I disconnected the TNC from the
radio, but left NOS running. I forgot to reconnect the TNC, so that
the node was isolated for about 18 hours.

When I noticed my error I did an RSPF ROUTE to see what had happened;
basically nothing: all the routes were still there; very old but
still there. ROUTE confirmed this and an RSPF STATUS showed all my
adjacencies as TENTATIVE rather than BAD as I would have expected.
The setup is
rspf in ax0 8 32
rspf rrh 900
rspf ti 900
rspf sus 2000

73 Gareth
Gareth Howell G6KVK
g6kvk@g6kvk.ampr.org          AMPRNET          []
garethh@compulink.co.uk       EUNET
g6kvk@gb7khw._2111.gbr.eu     UK BBS Network
29 Blackmore, Letchworth, Herts ENGLAND SG6 2SX +44 (462) 677090

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