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nos code for unix

The nos code for unix has been ftp to thumper and is in the sysv directory.
the file name is nos_src.cpio.Z.  This is a cpio compressed file and is
about 252K in size.  It will uncompress to about 500K in size when done.
To build and install the code just type install while in the directory
that you have un-cpio'ed the file in.  It will ask you to set up an
enviroment variable for the path location where nos is to be installed.
All files are built and then copied into the prepared locations for you.
I have tried to simplify the built/install procedure as much as possible.
Any questions can be sent to ism!bobt, a copy of the mail is sent to my
machine at home also.
Best of Luck,
bob teeter n6xjj

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