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nos code for unix

Nice work! I had no idea that anybody was working on my "netnix" code.
Most people just grab the software and then I never hear from them

You may want to include a reference to the paper from the 8th ARRL CNC
conference which describes in which ways NETNIX is different from
vanilla NOS. This paper is available in the conference proceedings and
as a PostScript file with ftp from sics.se. Its filename is

I made a few changes to the NETNIX code last month. These changes
should not affect System V users however. The code would crash on
SPARC machines because it only allows a memory area to be casted into
an int pointer if the area is on a an address that is a multiple of 4.
So I had to change a number of assignments into memcpy's.
(There is a special version of vanilla NOS that runs on Sun-4's by the
way, sources are in archive/packet/ka9q/nos/lwpnos.tar.Z.)

73, Anders  SM0RGV

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