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Notes on NOS for Sun-4/SparcStation

Before someone asks me, I'd like to clarify a little bit about the
lwpnos.tar.Z file at sics.se. This file contains code that replaces
the setjmp/longjmp based scheduler in NOS with calls to LWP, the
Lightweight Process package in SunOS. You will still have to add the
latest sources from thumper.bellcore.com to get something that will
compile. There might be some compilation problems however due to
incompabilities between Turbo-C and the SunOS C compiler. These
problems are not unsurmountable, but a somewhat older NOS version that
is known to compile without problems on SunOS 4.0 is available in the
nosunix-all.tar.Z file at sics.se. So one could take those files and
merge them with the files from the lwpnos.tar.Z archive.

There is also some minor documentation at the top of the bsdunix.c
file in lwpnos.tar.Z. Please observe the required change to the file
config.c. If anyone experience problems with the LWP code on SunOS 4.1
or later, I would like to hear about it.


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