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Xircom pocket ethernet adapters

   Has anyone tried one of these things on an NOS system?  I'm probably fumble-
   fingering something here, but I've been unsuccessful so far at bringing it

Please don't buy any Xircom products.  To make a long story short, they broke
an agreement with me to distribute the source of part of their software.
Worse, they distributed software with my copyright on it in violation of
the copyright.  Send me email if you want more details, or have questions.

There are alternatives to their products, made by D-Link.  D-Link's
products are cheaper, and there is a packet driver for the DE-600
thinwire adapter (at least).  I have found D-Link to be a very
responsive company.  For example, they supply a sticker for their
internal adapters that explains the jumper positions.  This is
unusual, and very handy.

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D-Link Systems, Inc     D-Link (U.K.) Ltd.      Datex Systems, Inc.
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